Welcome To Precision Fitness

Precision Fitness, located at 10 Lorraine Road in Madison, NJ, is a personal training company that strives to develop new health and fitness programs for clients and assist them in applying them to their lifestyles. Training programs are performed on a one-on-one basis, as well as in small group settings. Our prices are very affordable, yet we strive to give each client high end quality training via qualified and experienced trainers.

Programs are individually designed for each client to meet a number of desired and necessary goals for improved healthy living. Whether its weight loss, strength improvements, sports performance, injury prevention or rehabiliation, low back pain management, Precision Fitness has the program for you. Our goal is to educate each client in the importance of exercise adherence and healthy eating habits to obtain and maintain good health and a long functional life.

What we can do for you !

Our key advantage is we will provide you with quality personal training without the additional cost of a gym membership.

Health and Fitness

Learn how a complete health and exercise program can assist you in reducing any heart and other health risks...

Weight loss and Management

Learn how to apply both healthy eating, not dieting, with a diverse exercise program that fits in your schedule, to achieve the weight or body composition you desire.

Strength Training

Strength Training programs are more than just bulking up, toning up or looking good.

Balance, Flexibility and Agility

Balance, Flexibility and Agility are important components of fitness that are extremely valuable in a program, yet are often overlooked.

Aerobic / Cardio Training

Aerobic or Cardio training is included in a program to train the heart and lungs to work more efficiently during exercise, sports activities, and daily living activities...