Health and Fitness

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Learn how a complete health and exercise program can assist you in reducing any heart and other health risks, as well as improve flexibility, agility, body fat composition, aerobic endurance, muscular strength/endurance and balance.

Health and Fitness is a  term used to describe a stannotated bibliography conclusionyle of living that incorporates good health and optimal fitness levels. Good health is free from any risk factors such as diabetes, arthritis, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, obesity, and heart disease. Fitness is measured in components that include cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, body fat composition, and flexibility. What this means is that your heart is healthy, free from disease and functional enough to allow for everyday living without much affect on the heart.

It also means your muscles are strong enough to allow you to work them hard without risk of injury and do the everyday functions of life. Body composition is directly related to the amount of fat on your body which affects many heart health risks mentioned above. Flexibility is the ability to move the muscles and joints freely with everyday activities, as well as more challenging athletics or sports without the risk of injury. Precision Fitness strives to assist every client in achieving the most optimal health and fitness levels attainable at any given age, noting that these goals and levels will change throughout a clients lifespan.

What we can do for you !

Our key advantage is we will provide you with quality personal training without the additional cost of a gym membership.

Health and Fitness

Learn how a complete health and exercise program can assist you in reducing any heart and other health risks...

Weight loss and Management

Learn how to apply both healthy eating, not dieting, with a diverse exercise program that fits in your schedule, to achieve the weight or body composition you desire.

Strength Training

Strength Training programs are more than just bulking up, toning up or looking good.

Balance, Flexibility and Agility

Balance, Flexibility and Agility are important components of fitness that are extremely valuable in a program, yet are often overlooked.

Aerobic / Cardio Training

Aerobic or Cardio training is included in a program to train the heart and lungs to work more efficiently during exercise, sports activities, and daily living activities...